Sydneysiders (part 3). Layers.

Traveling to Sydney during winter could be quite tricky and challenging. The temperature could drop to below 10 degree celcius in the morning (and at night), with a super cold breeze slapping your face that could possibly make your skin feels numb. But, at day light it’s mostly sunny, and you just wanna take off your jacket that you wore in the morning, hang around in tee and put your shades on.

The challenge was real. I felt like bringing my entire closet, but I also wanted to travel light. So I just brought two parkas, some shirts, one skinny jeans, two sweaters, one knitted shawl, and two pair of shoes to survive the whole 9 days in Sydney. How did I survive? Mix and match of course.

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Sweater: Topman; Long Sleeved Denim Shirt: Topman; Shades: H&M; Skinny Jeans: Topman; Kicks: Nike

First OOTD picture in Sydney. Found this half bricked walls with some shadow play. A little tips to get a good OOTD photo: be aware of your surroundings, any stairs, any cool background or walls, if it’s shadow-ish (not compulsory) there goes your spot.

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Another shadow play
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Yeap. And, another shadow play. Turtle Neck Sweater: H&M; Parka: Pull and Bear.
And, another one HAHA. Accidentally wearing all stripes and black outfit with my troops. Shawl: H&M; Stripes Tee: Topman; Kicks: Nike Airmax. 
Parka and Kicks.

Below is one example of my mix and match game. I’ve worn the long sleeved denim shirt before with a sweater to gain a preppy look. In this look below, I wore the same shirt, but I only buttoned the first two buttons, wore a black long tee inside, and paired it with my black parka (rolled it up a bit to show the long sleeved underneath) to gain a street style look. Put on a snapback to complete the look, and a high-top white kicks. Voila, there I was enjoying the night scene of Sydney’s downtown.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Mix and match game strong.
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
Exploring Hyde Park. Round Hat: Paddy’s Market; Parka: H&M; Tee: Topman; Kicks: Adidas

There were plenty of sale in almost every malls and shopping center, which made me broke. One of my takeaways from Sydney was this pair of navy blue suede Adidas Pro Model Vintage DLX.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
And I just had to wear it right away.

If you’re into shopping, other than malls and stores, you might wanna try to check out the Paddy’s Market where you can get some cool stuff with friendly prices. You could also check some cool stores in Bondi area, and also The Rocks market which are only available on weekends.

I was being so blessed, because my cousin, Omar, who’s a Sydney based shoe and leather goods designer gave me a pair of suede Oxford shoes and a leather wallet from his own brand, Seer. So I came to Sydney with two pair of shoes, and I went home with four pair of shoes. Life’s just beautiful. LOL.

New hat. New shoes. New wallet

So to close this post, here are some tips that you might find useful for traveling, especially to Sydney:

  1. Do some research. What are the current trends in your destination, how do people dress themselves in your destination. You wanna blend in but you also wanna stand out at the same time. You don’t wanna look underdressed but you also don’t wanna look overdressed. So yea.
  2. Make an outfit plan. Know what you wanna wear every day during your trip because will help you to pack better.
  3. Shop in advance. Sydney’s winter season is in mid-year, while the rest of the winter countries are in the end of the year. So if you visit Sydney during winter, don’t go looking for a new coat or jacket or any other winter outfit just few weeks before you depart. Go shop in December, the latest in February (sometimes the product you want might already be in end of season sale).
  4. Do an online window shopping before you go, check out what are the cool stores or local brands that are not available in your country. Shopping is always permitted during holidays, but there’s no point in buying things that are already available in your own country. Right?
  5. Bring plenty of underwear and socks!
  6. Bring at least two pair of kicks, a comfy ones, that won’t make you feel cranky after having a long walk.
  7. Shades is a must. Be it during spring, summer, fall or winter. Everytime the sun is up, the shades is on.


HG. (@gersonhenry)

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