Ariana Grande in Jakarta, “The Honeymoon Tour”

“How are you feeling, Jakarta?” One of Ariana’s questions that was answered by thousands of voices roaring inside JIEXPO Kemayoran on the 26th of August 2015. Soon, the screams subsided and turned into voices singing along to an upbeat song entitled “Hands on Me”.

Processed with VSCO
Ariana’s only costume for Jakarta’s concert.

Working in the media got me a lot of perks. Interviewing celebrities, knowing the latest updates, but the biggest perks of all is getting free tickets to watch concerts. When the offer to watch Ariana Grande was open to the whole office, I hastily texted my boss to save one ticket for me.

I arrived at the concert’s location at around 6 PM. Soon, I began to spot parents walking in with their kids. I’m talking about primary level kids. Interestingly, the concert’s arena was crowded by people from all ages.

These kids were fanatic about Ariana! From head to toe, you can spot different Ariana Grande’s fan-made merchandises. Some kids would even came at 1 PM just to be able to stand on the front row. The only thought crossed my mind was the thought of being a parent to these kinds of kids one day. Being a parent is that tough.

At around 8 PM, the concert began to start. As I stood there, camera ready, Ariana showed up singing ‘Bang Bang’ and carried the audience away with another 15 songs:

  1. Bang Bang
  2. Hands On Me
  3. Best Mistake
  4. Break Your Heart Right Back
  5. I’m Every Woman/Vogue
  6. Be My Baby
  7. Right There
  8. The Way
  9. Baby I
  10. Tattooed Heart
  11. One Last Time
  12. My Everything
  13. Love Me Harder
  14. Honeymoon Avenue
  15. Break Free
  16. Problem


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Ariana hitting all the right notes.

In the middle of the songs, Ariana didn’t really talk much. She greeted the audiences by saying, “How are you?” and “Thank you”. Other than those kind of greetings, she only sang her heart out, hitting all the right notes while dancing along with her back up dancers.

Honestly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Ariana Grande, at least until the concert ended. I headed back home downloading all her songs on my phone just to enjoy them one by one again. I simply refuse to forget such an entertaining night, thanks to Ariana Grande.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Stage acts.

Hoping to see her again in Jakarta real soon!

DR. (@demasryan)

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