Nusa Lembongan. Sunkissed and Motorcycle Ride.

The Island of Gods has been Indonesia’s most attractive site for tourists from all over Indonesia and even for tourists from all around the world since forever. In fact, most foreign tourists love Bali too much they don’t know that Bali is actually a part of Indonesia. Many of them think that Bali is a country, or is the capital city of Indonesia.

As much as I love Bali, I’ve never really explored this beautiful paradise. I’ve always been a mainstream kinda tourist from Jakarta who would only go to Bali to wander around Seminyak and Legian to visit the newly opened hipster-ish coffee places or ice cream shops or concept stores. I never really know that Bali has plenty of even more beautiful islands around it until this trip to Nusa Lembongan that had really blown my mind and probably highlighted my traveling experience this year, besides Bromo.

And the best part of it was, it’s for work, so I got paid for it. One of the perks of being 20 I guess is having the opportunity to find a job that really suits you and actually pays your bills. Grateful I found one in my 20s.

Landed in Bali

I landed in Bali at noon, went straight to Creamy Comfort Bali, a newly opened desserts shop in Seminyak, which owned by a friend of mine. Creamy Comfort offers various desserts that would make your sweettooth dance cheerfully plus a selection of coffee.

Stopped by at Creamy Comfort to enjoy some tasty desserts.
Creamy Comfort. Address: Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 118, Seminyak, Badung, Bali 80361. Phone:0819-3606-6171. Hours: 11AM – 9PM.

The trip to Nusa Lembongan required a 30 minutes ride with motorboat which departs from Sanur Beach, we took the last schedule that day, departed at 5PM.

It was my first motorboat ride experience and I really enjoyed it. Felt a lot like riding a roller coaster, sometimes you can feel your heart drop to the bottom of your tummy following the ship movement. If you have sea-sick, this ride might not be enjoyable for you, but I tell you what, it’s worth it.

We arrived in Nusa Lembongan at 5.30 PM, directly went to a motor renting outlets, and rented a motor for two days. Nusa Lembongan was full with foreign tourists bringing their surf boards, riding motor cycles, ready to explore the secluded island. The only possible vehicle that you can take in this island is a motorcycle. Most of the roads are very small and bumpy.

I stayed at Le Pirate Beach Club, which is about another 20 minutes by motorcycle from my arrival point. It was golden hour, the view was magnificent. I really enjoyed the scent of the ocean filling up my lungs as I rode my motorcycle, accompanied by the sweet ray of light kissing my skin. It’s tanning time. I couldn’t help not taking out my iPhone and snapped everything for my Snapchat account.

The motorcycle ride was very enjoyable, until I had to pass this yellow (VERY) narrow bridge, the only thing connecting me and my resort. I had no other option but to collect all my guts and just hold my breath as I passed the wooden bridge which could only fit 1 motorcycle. The wooden deck rattled loudly beneath me. I couldn’t look down because I was so afraid that I’d fall or that this bridge would break and kill me immediately.

Local people crossing the narrow bridge.

When I finally arrived at Le Pirate Beach Club, greeted by beautiful sunset view afar, with lounge music playing and several foreign tourists in the pool enjoying beers, I fell in love immediately with the place.

Le Pirate is a mini resort consisted with 10 mini huts painted in nautical colors. Each hut can be occupied by 2-4 guests. It has a mini bar and swimming pool that is just perfect for you to chill, daydream and simply treasure life.

Golden hour at Le Pirate
View from the poolside mini bar
Another look at the swimming pool
Le Pirate Beach Club. Address: Jl. Nusa Ceningan, Jembrana, Bali 82218. Phone:(0361) 487240

I started day two with a simple breakfast at the hotel accompanied by a very lovely view, hand-painted by the super artsy God himself. I used this moment to finish some of my scriptwriting deadlines, I tell you what, the whole experience just really boosted up my mood to write. I wish I could have this luxury everyday.

My office space for the day

Around 11Am I went out riding the rented motorcycle exploring the island. The first stop was Panorama cafe which located up on the hills, offering a panoramic view of the beach and oceans. I had some light meals to accompany me enjoying the breath-taking view.

After a while, I continued the trip to Mangrove beach, located quite at the far end of the island. It was already passed lunch time, Warung Prema was the very first restaurant I found in the area, so I decided to give it a try.

The sandy-floored restaurant offers a fresh-out-of-the-sea variety of seafoods. I had a grilled tuna, fried prawns and squids, plus a plate of sambal. Food comma was of course expected.

I went back to Le Pirate for a short power nap. Then at 4PM, I was ready to catch the sunset at one of the most beautiful spot in Bali, if not in Indonesia. The place is called Devil’s Tears. A cliff with clear blue oceans underneath, very lovely, yet very dangerous at the same time because it has big waves and heavy streams swirling around the area. Anyone who’s not being careful, might just slip off of the cliff and fall into the dangerous sea below.

The experience was memorable and priceless. I stayed a while until the sun was about to set, and then moved to the nearest beach in the area, Dream Beach. I spent the rest of the golden hour playing with waves and the pretty white sands wrapping my feet.

The day was ended with a just nice dinner at Cafe Pandan, still in the Dream Beach area.

The Devil’s Tears
Dangerously hypnotizing
Foreign tourists enjoying the golden hour
Dream Beach

The last day came too fast. I treasured every minute I had left in Le Pirate. I went back to Warung Prema at the Mangrove beach for another food comma experience.

It was indeed such a pleasant experience, getting my skin all sun kissed, the foods, the views, the motorcycle ride, the motorboat ride, even the nearly-got-me-a-heart-attack narrow wooden bridge.

I’d definitely going to come back for more.

HG. (@gersonhenry)

Mangrove beach.



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