DIY Tanks and Ripped Jeans

About a few months ago ripped jeans was making a comeback, numbers of celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing it around the globe. Plenty of international brands also decided to make their own pair of ripped jeans as the demand increases.

Being quite a fashion aficionado myself, surely I wanted to dive into the current trend as soon as I noticed that it’s starting to become a trend. But, rather than getting a pair of new ripped jeans which means spending more money, I decided to just create my own ripped jeans.

Today, I’m gonna share it to you the hows. And while we’re at it, I’m also gonna share with  you how I rock a summer look by creating a new tanks out of my old tees just by cutting them sleeves.

See fashion is not about what you wear. But, how you wear it.

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Rockin the summer look with shades and mainbun. Old tee turns tanks: H&M; Shorts: Topman; Kicks: BNV

Anyway, back to the DIY ripped jeans.

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All you need is a scissor.

The hows:

  1. Pick your jeans.
  2. Wear your jeans first for 5 minutes-ish, move around while you’re in it. This will help the fibers to stretch.
  3. Don’t take off your pants just yet. Mark it first with a pen the area where you want your rips to be.
  4. Make your first cut with a scissors. Make the second cut, a few centimetres aways above or below the first cut.
  5. Take off your jeans.
  6. Pull out the vertical threads with your hands, and left the horizontal threads only.
  7. Voila! There goes your DIY ripped jeans.
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset
And people thought I bought a new ripped jeans.

Btw check out the tutorial video that I watched to help me make my ripped jeans!

HG. (@gersonhenry)



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