A Sunday Afternoon at Ruci’s Joint.

We love Sundays… Except for the fact that it is the nearest day to Monday.

But lets be real. As much as we hate ending our weekend, everybody has got to love Sundays. Waking up late, coffee tasting, good mates, less crowded traffic and good places to visit. I was more than lucky to stumble upon all of this on a fine Sunday afternoon.

Out of all that, the one thing I enjoyed the most was a good place to visit called Ruci’s Joint.

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Welcome to Ruci’s Joint!

Located at Senopati, this place was easy to spot! While HG and I were on the way to meet the rest of our friends, we spot this lovely building right from the outside. Turns out, what we saw inside was even much cozier than expected!

This place was a perfect combination for people to work, date or even kicking it with some friends. Upon sitting down, I quickly noticed people sitting down with their laptops or even their date. Whatever you want to do or accomplish here, Ruci’s Joint is great for all of them.

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Kickin’ it low with a special someone? Ruci’s Joint is the place.
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Ruci’s Joint. Jl. Suryo no. 49, Kebayoran Baru. Senopati, South Jakarta. Opening Hours: Sun – Thu, 10:00 – 22:00 | Fri – Sat, 10.00 – 00:00 +6281210103374
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Coffee bar.
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Loving the window table.
Can’t miss a good photo opp.

Ruci’s Joint is an open dining space filled with many food from different vendors. If you ever find yourself and friends craving on different food on a hang out, this might be the answer to your squad’s confusion. They have gelato, salad, burger and Japanese food all at once! Some of these food vendors (available until March 2016) are:

  1. Trim Eats and Health & Co.
  2. Umabo
  3. Nebula
  4. Chizukek
  5. Gglato
  6. Lachlan’s Lasagnas

Confusion was what I had at first, until HG and I finally stumbled upon Umabo! As the tagline says, Umabo is “Jakarta’s first gourmet fast food joint with an asian flair.” I couldn’t say no to the temptation and quickly ordered one bowl of ‘Hambuga Curry’ while my friend got himself a bowl of ‘Ribs Me Up’.

Some other friends chose to grab cups of coffee which they quite enjoyed themselves. Some other food that I managed to fill in my tummy was the Gelato from Gglato for dessert.

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Hambuga Curry (top) and Ribs Me Up (below).
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Overall score for Ruci’s Joint: 7/10

I had such a pleasant time at Ruci’s Joint. You know what they say, happy tummy, happy life!

Can you think of better ways to end your Sundays? Let me know by dropping some comments!

DR. (@demasryan)

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