(Not So) Average Wednesday

So today was started out as just another day. I planned to go home right away after office. I didn’t plan to meet DR and our other friends, spend the night with them – killing time while waiting for Jakarta’s traffic to finally end – and I didn’t even plan to get any ootd photo stock.

I woke up to Jakarta’s gloomy sky. So I just decided to go with a navy sweater, and of course my new neck scarf to add some statement. As for the bottoms part, I just went with my regular skinny jeans – all rolled up, and a pair of my black BNV.

What started out as (what I thought was) a regular weekday turned out to be quite a weekend-comes-too-soon experience. I guess my friends and I just couldn’t really move on from our holidays.

Me, DR and the rest of the troops met up after office. Had a spontaneous ootd session, thank God I always left home all fashionably prepared, and then had a pleasant dinner at Bariuma Ramen, Citywalk. It was my first time at Bariuma and surely won’t be my last. I might come back some time to share it with you what’s good and what’s not about it. Emphasize on “might”, though, haha.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
thank God I left home all fashionably prepared
Unexpected profile picture material for both of us.


Write to you letter,


HG. (@gersonhenry)

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