Weekend at Woodpecker

It’s Saturday, both DR & I had agreed to visit Kopi Manyar with our regular weekend squad at noon. However, we managed to meet way earlier and decided to just have a morning coffee at Woodpecker. How did we pick Woodpecker? It was like totally out a random convo.

DR: What time will you arrive at Manyar?

HG: I don’t know, um probably around 1PM.

DR: I’m kinda free this morning, why don’t we try one more coffee shop to review for the blog.

HG: Good idea, I’m free as well. Alright. Ummm.. Woodpecker?

DR: Woodpecker! OK. See u in PIM at 10! I’ll pick you up there.

HG: Aight!

And just like that, we met at Pondok Indah Mal first, DR picked me up at the lobby and together we headed directly to Woodpecker (Terogong).

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Woodpecker. Address: Jl. Terogong Raya No. 35. Jakarta Selatan. Hours: 7AM – 9PM

Woodpecker was firstly opened in 2014 at Panglima Polim, and in the last quarter of 2015 they opened a new outlet in Terogong.  Woodpecker offers a comfortable and Instagenic space perfect for you to simply hang out with friends or searching for some inspiration while sipping your favorite coffee.

We sat at the back area of the store, which was actually meant for a smoking as it’s an al fresco seating area. But when we got there, there was no one smoking, in fact there was a bunch of young parents with their toddlers having a little family time, so we didn’t mind sitting in the smoking area (no offense against smokers though).  It felt like we’re spending some morning in a homey backyard.

I ordered a Toblerone Hot Choc. Three chunks of Toblerone showered with a bottle of hot white milk, which will melt the Toblerone, resulted in an exceptionally good experience of drinking a hot chocolate. My tastebuds was immediately pleased.

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Toblerone Hot Choco
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Weekend’s Essentials: Lennon’s Shades; iPhone (gotta update my snapchat every now and then); Leather Wallet by Seer.

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Caught Snapping 

Having quite a more spacey area compared to their outlet in Panglima Polim, Woodpecker collaborate with The Good Things in Life, a lifestyle store that will greet you as you enter and leave Woodpecker with their various home goods.

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The Good Things in Life

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We had a nice laidback Saturday morning before we finally moved to Kopi Manyar to join our friends. You can read more of our visit to Kopi Manyar as told by DR.


Write to you later,


HG. (@gersonhenry)

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