Ruang Seduh Kemang

If you’re reading this, you might as well have read (if you haven’t then scroll down now) our previous posts about Woodpecker and Kopi Manyar. We visited all three on the same day, well, I visited all three, while DR had to leave after Manyar.

It’s kinda a luxury for me to have one free Saturday dedicated  just for cafe-hopping. So I spent it wisely. As you know, I spent my morning at Terogong with DR, I hopped on to Bintaro afterwards to join my friends, then we hopped on to this newly opened coffee shop in Kemang that has been quite a talk lately, Ruang Seduh, which means a brewing room in English.

I used to be a regular visitor of Kemang during my collegiate life where I still do clubbing and working as a music journalist. Now I’m back to Kemang only once in a while, and that’s for a serious meeting, a lazy Sunday morning at Sophie Authentique, and now this. Trying out coffee shop on Saturday afternoon. Geesh, I’m definitely a different person now.

That’s one of the interesting things of being in your 20s. Who you are at your early 20s might be shifting as you reach your late 20s. Nevertheless, you still gotta enjoy every single year of those 10 precious years maximumly while it last.

Anyways, back to Ruang Seduh. Located at the back of Aksara bookstore, one of my favorite places to be, gives Ruang Seduh a plus point for a bookworm like me as I can go book hunting first in Aksara, purchase any reading material, bring it to Ruang Seduh and simply spend hours of reading there. It’s totally a must-go-to place when you have plenty of leisure time to kill, or simply in the mood of having a nice talk with friends.

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Their signature decoration, the Storm Trooper helmet.
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Plenty of funkos and unique decoration.
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Pick your coffee beans.

The place is not your unusual coffee shop. In fact, as I first entered Ruang Seduh, I didn’t see a coffee shop at all, but I did see a unique coffee workshop. Some of you might go, “uhm what?” Okay let me explain it to you.

In other coffee shop, you can go straight to the counter, order your coffee, wait for a few minutes, pick up your order and sit for hours. In Ruang Seduh, you can experience and learn the brewing process. Simply tell the barista your choice of coffee and they will guide you through the whole process. If you’re more into manual brew, they have coffee beans from local roasteries such as Sensa Koffie, Smoking Barrels, and Coffee Smith.

If you’re more into iced lattes, they don’t have it here. But you can just grab a bottled of sip cold brew made by A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers. Which are very perfect for a hot sunny day.

The sip cold brew. As sweet as your memories yet as cold as your ex.
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I’m not leaving before I take a good OOTD photo. Scarf: Kana Goods; Long Shirt with Nehru Collar: Zara; Plain White Tee: H&M; Watch: Aark Collective
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The baristas.
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They also sell some mini bites.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Brewing situation

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Ruang Seduh has quite a limited seating situation. But, they’re located next to Kinosaurus, a local mini cinema that screens independent movies. When it’s not operating you can go inside and kinda use their seating areas. The place is just very comfy and would make you stay even longer than what you’d expected.

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Very comfy seating area.


Write to you later,


HG. (@gersonhenry)

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I’d definitely come back for more.


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