The Hateful Eight


Ever since I watched Inglourious Basterds, which is one of my favorite movies ever, I became fully aware about Quentin Tarantino’s existence in the movie industry, and I became quite fully expectant about his movies.

I rewatched the Kill Bill (I watched them firstly when I was still in high-school, I didn’t know who made them), and then I also watched, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, both movies were screened when I was still a kid, so I had no idea that they exist haha. And, I like them all.

So when this 8th movie of his was out, I was surely eager to watch it. The Hateful Eight offers a line up of top notch actors such as Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russel and Tim Roth. And, also a special appearance of Channing Tatum.

Just like his other movies, I expected it to be all intense from the very beginning. But, this one was a little bit different. The first part of this 3 hours duration movie was actually a bit draggy. It’s not the kind of movie that you want to watch after office hour. I fell asleep in the middle of it a couple of times. And I couldn’t help but wondering, where is this going?

Just as I was about to give up my hope on Tarantino, the movie started to build up a tension. I suddenly didn’t feel sleepy at all. Anything that you could expect from Tarantino kinda movie was finally being served to the table. He gave me my favorite desserts as well, the all gory, bloody and sadistic touch.

To sum it up, I love the movie. But I don’t want to watch it again. It gave me a mixed feeling, I was satisfied but at the same time I was also depressed by the plot twist. As for you, if you haven’t watched it, I’d recommend you to go now and check it out yourself. Definitely worth your time!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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