A Friendly Encounter with Watt Coffee

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That is the kind of expression you would have after a good coffee. Eyes wide open with a smile wider than Fat Joe’s belt size.

I don’t get a lot of sleep lately. I’m back on my night classes in pursue of my masters degree and deadlines have been super tight, even tighter than Kim Kardashian’s legging. So there I was, at 3 PM on a Saturday, feeling super drowsy. That was when HG and I decided to visit Watt Coffee‘s newest place in Kemang.

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Jl. Bangka Raya no. 20, Promenade 20, Kemang. Hours: 9AM – 9PM.

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Watt Coffee was warm and friendly. Upon entrance, we were friendly greeted by the working barista and staff with a welcome shout. Not to worry, it was a friendly shout.  At that moment, I almost thought I walked into a sushi restaurant chain where they greet you with a loud “irrashaimase” shout at you. Oh well, I guess it works for cafes as well!

As I said, the place gave us a friendly feeling. The kind of feeling that makes you want to stay for long, not because of the quite cute looking barista, but because of the warm ambiance that Watt Coffee projects.

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Snapity snapchat.
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Watt Coffee’s flat white.

I bought the super awakening LOL which stands for Lemon Out Loud. Instead of it giving me an actual LOL, it actually gave me the kick that I needed for the rest of the day. If you are a fan of sour drinks, LOL is what you should try at Watt Coffee. While the actual LOL keeps you young, this LOL gives you a kick more than the actual LOL does. Confused already?

At the same time, HG was trying out Watt Coffee’s flat white which I tasted a little. While we enjoyed our drinks, I enjoyed watching a group of grandmothers chitchatting on the other corner of the room. Everyone in the room seemed to be enjoying themselves, even the staffs were happily practicing a little kickboxing in between coffee orders.

The place was small, yet spacious. The seats were not much occupied, yet the place was alive. To us, Watt Coffee is the ultimate place for an afternoon coffee and chill. See for yourself!

DR. (@demasryan)

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Thanks for the warmth Watt Coffee!

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