Forget the Selfie Stick, Here's a Centriphone

There are so many things you can do in 6 months! You can finish a semester, learn something new or even travel the world! What have you been doing for the past 6 months?

To me, the last 6 months had been very adventurous. A lot of ups and downs and uncertainties filled with new opportunities. There are so many things to be grateful for! One of them is this collaborative blog project with HG.

The Perks of Being Twenty - OOTD - Lifestyle - Fashion - Jakarta 03

We took you to places, told you great cuisines, let you now what to wear and showed you a few other stuffs! In the process of doing that, we challenge ourselves in every post to see things from a new perspective and to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Trust me when I say that we receive all the best perks from this blog.

6 months ago, HG and I were talking about life. Since we are both in our 20s, we realized that the danger in missing out is huge. There are many cases of this! Stuck in a wrong relationship or jobs and you could be missing out a few years of your 20s. With that simple idea, we decided to start The Perks of Being 20.

The point of this blog is as simple as reminding our readers that being in the 20s, is more than getting a job or landing the woman of your dreams. It’s about a chance of endless exploration beyond your craziest imagination. This sentence came from a guy who just bought a single flight ticket to Auckland impulsively a few days ago.

I bet you can think and execute something even crazier than that! Don’t let an unhealthy relationship or a dead-end job stop you.

The Perks of Being Twenty - OOTD - Lifestyle - Fashion - Jakarta 04
A pair of red wing boot.
The Perks of Being Twenty - OOTD - Lifestyle - Fashion - Jakarta 05
White Nike kicks.

In the course of 6 months, we have been evaluating each other. Are we letting our insecurities stop us from achieving our personal goals? Are we letting the world define who we are? Most of the times our biggest enemy is ourselves.

So far, we are doing alright. A little speed bumps here and there, but we are still on track, chasing our goals and dreams through this blog. In that sense, we still have a long way to go! But rather than going far, this time, we decided to go back for a little while.

We decided to go back to our first ever photo spot, with a mission.

The sun was right above us and the heat was savage, but we had a mission too important to abandon. Other than just another exploration, we decided to do a little experiment inspired by Nicolas Vuignier’s Centriphone!

The Perks of Being Twenty - OOTD - Lifestyle - Fashion - Jakarta 11
Jeans: Pull & Bear, Shirt: H&M, Kicks: Red Wing.
The Perks of Being Twenty - OOTD - Lifestyle - Fashion - Jakarta 13
Shirt, White Tee & Jeans: H&M, Watch: Aark Collective

Now you heard of Nicolas Vuignier’s centriphone, here’s our own version! It wasn’t as easy as it looks, but I think we pulled this one off. What do you think?

After a wooden hanger and a pack of fishing ropes, we managed to create our own centriphone. If you wish to try it out, tutorials are out there, only a Google search away!

The point of this video isn’t about a celebration, we are far from celebrating anything from this blog. It isn’t about showing off, popularity isn’t the focus of this blog. The goal is to try something new.

Human minds are gifted with endless creativity and our attitude is the limit. Don’t let it stop you.

Keep exploring.

DR. (@demasryan)

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