Life Lessons From 3726 Metres Above The Sea

Climbing the second highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia, Rinjani, was probably the craziest, or the most impulsive, thing we have done so far. Through the last three months of preparation of routine cardio workout, our mental and physiques were tested last week. Through the steep stones, sun-burnt skin and sore legs we learned quite a few things about life.


HG: What I learned from our hike to the top of Rinjani was pretty much like my walk in this twenty something path. I began my hike thinking that it’s all about me. DR & I were always the fastest in our group,  we got separated from the rest of the group so easily. We climbed to the top with the fastest pace. All I thought was that I can do things on my own. I didn’t need the help of others. I took for granted the company of others.

That was until I started to feel extreme pain on my thighs and I had nobody to share my problems with. My bottle was running out of water. All I could do was sit down and pray. At least, for someone to pass through and share with me just a sip of water. Gratefully, that was what happened. As I calmly massaged my thighs, a random guy passed through and share with me his bottled water.

Long story short, I was being reminded to appreciate the company of others. There was no pleasure in being at the top alone and not having other people to share the magnificent view with.


DR: I learned not to walk alone. Only a few days ago, I started realizing how fast I can hike compared to the others in the team. I was always the first one to reach our campsites on the first few days. With that speed, I was impatient to wait for my friends and decided to walk alone to the summit on a cold blistering night. Oh boy, I was so dumb. During that last few exhausting hours of the hike, I started losing hope, but no one was there to talk some sense to me. I looked at my phone, hoping to get some signal to talk to anyone back home, but obviously there was none.

As true as it is in the mountain, the same goes with our life. As an ambitious fresh graduate in my early 20s, I often choose to walk faster by walking alone. I did this in my studies, career and relationship with so much damage, pain and lessons to be learned at the end. With that said, a popular quote summarizes what I learned on the mountain: “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” – Ratan Tata

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At the end of every journey, it is best to reflect and look for lessons from it. A journey is wasted if you come back the same as you were. Be it a shopping journey to Bangkok or a discovery trip to Alaska, never come back without learning something new. A refreshing holiday is so much overrated. What’s better is a holiday filled with self discovery and life revelation.



Keep exploring and we’ll write to you later!


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