A Little Flashback to Cirebon!

How is October treating you so far? As for us, although this month started with not much of hustle and intensity, we kind of felt that it won’t last for long.

Our prediction was right. Just a week later, we already found ourselves back in the fast lane, playing hide and seek with deadlines. Welcome back, oh lack of sleep.

The temptation to impulsively book a ticket for a short getaway out of this hustle was real. But as much as I’d love to have one, I think my hands are tied at least until the end of October.

Anyway, just when I was in the middle of sorting out things, setting up timelines, preparing slides and everything, an e-mail came to my inbox. It’s a vlog from our Cirebon Trip back in May, shot and edited by our talented friend, Tonny Sutiono (@sevencrow).

If you’ve been facing the same situation like we do, hang in there. You are not alone. Let’s endure the productive season and use our twenties to really make plenty of inspiring stories that we can share to our grandchildren in the future!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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