Romantic Italian Style Dinner at Ristorante de Valentino.

Have you ever resist the temptation to eat in extreme hunger just because you were about to have a delightful luncheon? That was me few weeks ago. I woke up feeling very hungry, yet I decided to skip breakfast and saved up extra space in my tummy to experience authentic Italian cuisines in Ristorante de Valentino.

Big thanks to Astrid Suryatenggara, who had warmly invited us for a casual lunch to this fine dining restaurant, which is only in a walking distance from where I live. Sadly, DR couldn’t join us as he was feeling unwell at home.

A little warning before you scroll through this post, some of the photos below might cause you a sudden craving of delightful Italian meals. Although, I gotta be honest, once I’ve tried Valentino’s dishes, I find it kinda hard for me to enjoy pastas in other restaurants. What they served was beyond remarkable. The experience did not only spoiled my tastebud as it was definitely another level of indulgence.

Ristorante de Valentino, MD Place, 11th Floor, Jl Setiabudi Selatan No. 7, Jakarta.

The first dish that they served was the complimentary home made bread sticks with their signature green dipping sauce, made of Valentino’s secret ingredients. Normally, this munching machine would finish everything that is in front of him. But this time, I had to resist finishing the whole basket because Astrid warned me that we still have more food to taste.

Valentino’s Home Made Bread Sticks with Green Dipping Sauce

Following the bread basket was their “Misto di Antipasti” (a tasting plater of fried calamari, chicken liver pâté, bruschetta). I’m not really a fan of any meal that is made of chicken liver as I can’t find it as something that is pleasingly tasteful. But this time, I ended up finishing the whole pâté!

Fried Calamari
Chicken Liver Pâté. Sorry for the blurry photo, I was probably rushing to get a good photo before finishing the whole plate.

Next up was the “Affettati Misti” (cold cut platter of salami, pancetta and mortadella ham). A cold cut platter is one of the most Italian iconic ways to start a luncheon. It’s an assortment of cured meats, thinly sliced and arranged artistically on a serving platter. It’s definitely a delicious way to start a meal. In Valentino, they served the meat with a finger-lickin’ good bread sticks. The shape reminded me of Cakwe (Chinese fried dough), yet it’s a lot thinner and tastier.

Cold Cut Platter

Three different dishes only for a starter. If my tummy could speak, it would have screamed excitingly the moment a waiter came into our dining room with three big plates of pasta in his hands.

The first one, which is my favorite, was “Fettucine Al Granchio” (Valentinos’ signature squid ink fettuccini with crabmeat in a creamy tomato sauce). I would have finished the whole plate in a few minute, if I didn’t remember that there were still two other plates. The second one was “Linguine Aglio Olio Fruti Di Mare” (Seafood Aglio Olio) and “Linguine Carbonara”. The carbonara was to die for as it was served with super crunchy slices of pork bacon as toppings!

Valentino’s signature squid ink fettuccini with crabmeat.
Seafood Aglio Olio
Carbonara with Pork Bacon

All the pastas were “al dente“, if I may say. In Italian, it means “to the tooth”, used to describe the point of cooking when pasta becomes softer, yet not too soft, leaving still a bite to it. A perfect pasta is always cooked al dente, making it easier to be digested.

Food comma was not the right term I would use to describe how I felt after those three appetizers and another three plates of main courses. I was drunk with foods.

Our table situation
Red chairs poppin out elegantly from behind each table.


The next thing that would attack you after a super satisfying meals is a sleepiness. I literally had to stand up and walk around to avoid falling asleep only a few minutes I had my last spoon of pasta. Being the explorer that I always am, I started to wander around the restaurant which is dominated by grey table cloths and numerous red chairs, popping out from behind the table. This fine dining restaurant is interiorized with bricked walls, plenty of private dining rooms, a bar and a private room that can be rented for private parties.

After a little while, I decided to go back to my table, only to find a galore of sweet tooth treats (Chantilly cake and Tiramisu) waiting for me. I know that I said I was so filled up to the point I was a sleepyhead a paragraph ago. But, who could resist plates of mouthwatering desserts, right?

Chantilly cake.

As I thought I couldn’t fill any more foods into my tummy, another meal was served on the table. Astrid was able to read my face expression, she comforted me saying, “Don’t worry it’s for takeaway.” And I laughed awkwardly with so much relieve.

Tuna Panini

Gentlemen, let me help you save a little time this Valentine’s Day from the yearly hustle of booking a perfect place for dinner. This is it! Treat your lady with a romantic Italian style dinner at Ristorante de Valentino. Well, in this modern era, Valentine’s Day is no longer exclusively belongs to the couples only. If you are still single, Valentino is also the best place for you to celebrate Valentine’s with a fun casual luncheon with your friends!

Write you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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