New Taste to Dine at Cassis Kitchen!

People think that the life of a blogger is only filled with attending events and going for a fun trip, but we can assure you, it’s not just about that. Well, it’s partly true, but it’s not the whole truth. Anyway, a few weeks ago, while I had a solo trip to East Java, which was filled with mostly clouds and mist, DR had the privilege of a tasteful luncheon experience at Cassis Kitchen. Last week, we kinda switched place. While he had a fun vacation to (also) East Java (we’ll share it to you about both version of the trip soon), I had the privilege to enjoy Cassis Kitchen’s  new 2-course menu, which was launched at the end of February.

I’m not gonna talk a lot about the foods or the menu, I’m just gonna let the photos speak to you and encourage you to quickly reserve a table at Cassis Kitchen to taste it yourself!


Table situation.

So the 2-course menu is filled with several selection of starters and main courses menu. The first on the list was, Parsnip Soup, which is more like a bowl of comfort, showered with garlic croutons and chives as toppings.

The second one on the starter was one my favorite! The crab toast that serves as a perfect choice to open your meal. Imagine having an abundant portion of juicy crab meats as a spread for your toast. This is exactly why you should experience the unordinary brunch/luncheon/dinner at Cassis Kitchen as they are always on the road of creating new menu. And by the way, this is only the second menu. More photos of delicious meals will tease you as you scroll down through this post.

Now, for the last choice of the starter menu was the Churrasco Style Wagyu. This one is also a must have. Where else can you have a plate of rare wagyu beef, cooked with ponzu (citrun-based sauce) and chimicchurri sauce, topped with fried shallots as an appetizer?

Parsnip Soup
Crab Toast
Churrasco Style Wagyu

While the starter consists of three different choices, the main course consists of 9 different delicacies served in a satisfying portion. First up, which is also one of the meals that I’m gonna recommend to you, is the Seafood Risotto, a plate of seafood (scallop, prawn, and squid) party with risotto as their host, cooked together with mascarpone and basil oil.

Second and third one is the Spaghetti Carbonara and Beef Bolognese. As you can see in the pictures, both are covered in a rich portion of grated parmesan cheese. The carbonara is topped with green peas and poached egg, while the bolognese is served with penne, spicy beef ragout and herbs. These two would definitely satisfy your craving of Italian foods!

Now if you’re more of a big bite kind of foodie, you should really try their huge portion of Fish and Chips (beer battered dory) served with french fries and tartare sauce, and also the CK Cheese Burger, which is a double beef patties, placed within sesame brioche buns, and also served with french fries. It’s finger-lickin’ good!

Seafood Risotto
Spaghetti Carbonara
Beef Bolognese
Fish and Chips
CK Cheese Burger

The next three are all for you seafood freaks. The first one is Patagonian Tootfish, placed artistically on top of cauliflower puree and showered with exotic mango salsa that brings a an ultimate freshness to the flavor. Another “must try” in Cassis Kitchen’s new menu is the Steamed Monkfish, which was made of pancetta, braised short ribs, parsnip puree and port jus. This one does not only give you a great taste, but it also gives you an eye-pleasing plating. You surely want to snap it for your Instagram.

If you’re a Lobster lover, then the Roasted Lobster Tail is what you should order next. It’s cooked perfectly with truffle chicken cream baby cos and completed with sweet potato veloutte, which doesn’t only perfected the flavor but also the whole look of the plating as the yellow color pop ups beautifully in the midst of all the other colors.

Patagonian Toothfish
Steamed Monkfish
Roasted Lobster Tail


Last but  not least on the main course list is the Curry Chicken Kiev, the name says it all I suppose. However, when the food came out, I secretly wondered about the curry sauce. Where is it? I didn’t see any. Apparently you have to slice open the Curry Chicken Kiev to find the curry sauce!

Chicken Curry Kiev
Hello there curry sauce!

Now to complete the 2-course menu, you can order their newly launched fashion-inspired cocktails, which came in a very creative packaging. They have the Elyx Kits, (the pink cocktail) served inside an acrylic music box, the Mademoiselle which comes in a headless mini mannequin, Fashion Victim, that literally comes in a small leather bag! And, the Concoctioner, served in conditioner bottle. Be careful not to apply it on your hair.

Ladies, if you are looking for a good time chillin with your friends, these drinks are not only a great companion but also a good Instagram material indeed!

Elyx Kits
Fashion Victim, modeled by @yossicostephanie.

Now I totally got what DR put as title in our former post about Cassis Kitchen. Plus, I came home with a real food comma. Stop imagining how the food tastes like in Cassis Kitchen, and start the experience soon this week! It’s definitely worth your time and penny.

Thank you for having us @CassisKitchen!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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