Taking Advantage of Jakarta’s Beautification Project

If you’re reading this post, welcome to my new blog. Some of you might know that I used to run a lifestyle blog called “The Perks of Being Twenty” for about 2,5 years. I used to see it as a platform for me to inspire young people. But, the season has to end.

It’s not that I don’t want to invest my time in continuing the vision of establishing TPOB20. It’s just, I’ve come to a realization that inspiring others can’t be done effectively by only portraying yourself (or myself) on a digital platform. It won’t be fair for the audience, for you. Because you don’t get to see the whole version of my story, the cropped part.

So… new season is here.
A blog with my own name.
Not to inspire, not to impress.
This is my tool to express what I like and most enjoy in life.

But, if you want to talk about life and get some perspective on how I see things, let’s meet over coffee. I’m still passionate in investing my time for young people, especially the twenty something. Because, with or without the brand I still believe that 20something is the prime season of life for you to find your purpose and passion. I’m just reimagining the how. Not the why.

Let’s be a generation that are not only busy maintaining our image on the social media, but a generation who live life authentically and busy making life a worth-living and inspiring journey.

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Many of Jakarta’s citizen might find the word “beautification” as something that has been filling the newspaper’s headlines. This city is being revamped due to being the host of this year’s Asian Games. And no kidding, it’s massive! I live in this city my whole life and never came across the road of Sudirman as beautiful as it is today. The side road is wider, the parks are greener, the city lights are working really well. One of the landmark that got a huge make-over is obviously Gelora Bung Karno, which will be the centre of all the hype. If Jakarta is a home, GBK is definitely the living room where all guests will gather.

Simply put, right now is the best time to stroll around Jakarta. Because, sooner or later, (please don’t judge me for being skeptical), it will be back to a city where the sidewalk is filled with food trucks, where trashes and dirts are a normalcy , and where public facility is destroyed or vandalized.

Sooo.. during the Ied Holiday, I took a day to visit and explore the “beautified” GBK with my friend @yoshginsu, who was very keen to capturing some of my OOTD content for my Instagram and also for this blog. Through this post, I’m gonna share to you a few looks that you can try (while the trend is still on) for your casual weekend hangout.

Please note that, not every trend is worth-following especially if you don’t have to posture to pull it off. However, what’s more important than your posture is your confidence. If it makes you feel good, then go ahead.

#1st Look – Step Aside, Skinny Jeans!

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After years and years of being the ultimate trend, this year, skinny jeans should give up the throne and share it with loose pants, trekking pants, patterned-pants, and jogger pants. The last one was actually had a spotlight in 2014, but was only briefly. This year, jogger pants made a come back with its other friends, proclaiming comfy-ness above anything else. In this photo I wore a loose trekking pants from Wellborn, tucked in stripes tee from H&M, and an oversized denim jacket from Bershka.

#2nd Look – Free Ads T-Shirt

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I call it free ads t-shirt because nowadays you can find popular logos printed on a tee, from Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, NASA, Nintendo, Kellogg’s, etc everywhere. Probably billboard ads is no longer considered as an effective tool. Don’t forget to always tuck in your tee, btw! The Coca Cola tee is from Pull&Bear, while the pants are from Uniqlo.

#3rd Look – Hey Ho Patterned Shirt!

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Shirts these days are commonly used as an outerwear. Especially those that comes in stripes or tropical patterns. A little bit oversize or loose is a plus point. One way to pull it off is to keep it unbuttoned and tuck it in. The shirt was bought from a thrift store.

#4th Look – Stripes Party

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The only pattern that never dies. Since 90s style is back, you can always wear it with a washed blue jeans, small sunnies, and a fanny pack. Outerwear is optional. The pink stripes tee is from H&M, while the washed blue jeans is from Topman, and the outerwear is a local brand that I bought from The Goods Dept.

5th Look – Team Comfy

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I’m not sure who started it. Some said it’s the Kardashians clan, some said it’s Shia and Jonah. While some others proclaimed it’s Bieber. Whoever it is, suddenly, people are choosing to wear only shorts and tee, or jogger pants and sweater, with sneakers and socks. It’s like “I just woke up and too lazy to dress up, but hey I still look good!” My jacket is Adidas, shorts is Cotton On.

#6th Look – Slides & Socks

The Perks of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry OOTD Lifestyle Men Fashion Jakarta Indonesia Uniqlo Topman PullandBear H&M Zara Bershka Adidas Vans 25

Another thing from the comfy theme. Slides and socks. This reminds me of my teenager era back in early 2000. It’s true that trend would repeat itself after years. Justin Bieber was one of the first that adopt this style, as he went to Coachella wearing slides and socks. The shirt is from Uniqlo, another Coca-Cola tee is from Pull&Bear.

#7th Look – John Mayer Pants

The Perks of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry OOTD Lifestyle Men Fashion Jakarta Indonesia Uniqlo Topman PullandBear H&M Zara Bershka Adidas Vans 34
It’s actually the same with the first look, and it’s also part of being a team comfy. These pinstripes pants are actually Pyjama pants, but it’s too stylish to be worn only in your bedroom. John Mayer even wears it in his latest video clip. Don’t forget to roll it up a bit! Pants are from H&M, tee is from Adidas, oversized jacket is from Cotton On.

Well, hopefully you can adapt at least one of those 7 looks. Remember, don’t force it. Please share to me, which one of these looks that you are curious to try. Or perhaps, it has been your style for the past few months.

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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