Bag In The Days

I’m not really into bags. But, as a blood type A personality, I tend to (always) bring a lot of things just to make sure that I had everything I need within my reach. Especially when I travel alone. This makes me ended up buying one bag that quickly leads into two bags, three, and so on. Ask the people who have traveled with me, they could testify that I brought literally everything from nail clipper to cable extension. LOL.

Normally I would bring a luggage, and then a backpack, and then a camera bag, a laptop bag, a toiletries bag, shoe bag, etc. That’s only for travel? How about for day-to-day activity like going to work, or hanging out with friends? Same thing. Compared to my other friends, I’m mostly (if not always, haha) the most prepared.

What are the things that I need to bring on a daily basis? Well, a laptop, a camera (I’m just really into taking photos or being photographed haha, so I’m always camera-ready), portable charger, earphone, wallet, and a body spray. Aren’t those make a good enough reason for me to be always on a constant hunt for bags?

Well anyway, I got a lot of DMs on Instagram regarding the bags that I’ve been using. So, I decided to just make a post about it. Who knows you’re also in the midst of finding a new one that suits your style and needs.

Laptop Bag

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Bought it on MUJI for 700k IDR. It was on sale from 1200k IDR, so I grabbed it immediately. I was in need of having a proper laptop bag for work. Before this, I used to bring my laptop in a backpack, but then I realized that I looked like a little bit like a college student instead of a professional. This matters a lot when I have to meet clients from big corporates. Hence, the change of bag. Bye-bye backpack, for now.

Actually, the reason why I always used backpack for the past years was because I had a back problem. I have an S-shape backbone that would scream everytime I carried a heavy item with only one hand for too long. Using a backpack helps giving me the balance I needed for my spine. But, it’s not always good for my total look.

What I love about this Muji bag is that it has thousands of compartment, like seriously. I love bags with tons of compartments. It’s made out of canvas and leather, with a very comfy grip. What I need to do to calm my back spine is just too switch hands every now and then. This bag can also be used as a postman or sling bag.

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Camera Bag

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I forgot the price, but it was not more than 500k, so it’s a pretty good deal for me. Found this yellow waterproof bag on BoboBobo. Apparently it’s a local brand, called Bellwood. The journey for me to find a camera bag took months because I didn’t want to use the common camera bags because most of them are bulky. Love the color, and love the fact that it’s waterproof. It comes handy, functional, and also stylish. Great deal indeed.

Tote Bag

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What I love about tote bag is that it’s just super simple, you can throw anything inside. Weird I know, I love bag that comes with lots of compartments. And, I also love a tote bag. One of my faves are always from The Goods Dept. because they have different colors, and patterns. This one is my second The Goods Dept.’s tote bag. Tote bag is always perfect if you’re having an outdoorsy activity or a pool/beach-related event.

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Fanny Pack

I’ve been using this particular bag since 2013, before it was even a thing. The first one is from Herschel and I still use it sometimes. The inspiration came from watching a Korean TV show “Running Man” and I just found it cool to use a fanny pack on your back instead of on your hips. Today, I have two favorite fanny packs, one from Nike, and one from a local brand, Erigo. My third one from Adidas is coming tomorrow, by the way!

Oversized Fanny Pack

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This one I bought from Topman, for about 400k, more or less. Never knew that an oversized version of a fanny pack exist. I use this one to go to the gym because it can actually fit my big bottle water, extra t-shirt, pants and small towel. And, it looks good!


So, which one is your favorite?

By the way, some of the photos are taken at Lapangan Banteng by one of my Instagram buddy, Faizal Sitompul. Can’t wait to share more pics from that photo opt on a later post!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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