As promised, without throwing too many this and that, here is some of the new tunes that you might want to add into your playlist this month:

  1. Dan Croll – Tokyo (Fractures Remix)
  2. Magic City Hippies – Body Like A Weapon
  3. Valley – Closer To The Picture
  4. HONNE – Crying Over You (feat. BEKA)
  5. Joe Hertz – Why Won’t You Call (feat. Tom Aspaul)
  6. LANY – Thick and Thin
  7. Pat Lok – Might Be On Fire (feat. Sam Fischer)
  8. Whethan – Radar (feat. HONNE)
  9. NEIKED – Call Me (feat. MIMI – Lenno Remix)

Monthly Playlist OCTBR.jpg

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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