The Pants You Need To Have Beside Skinny Jeans!

Choosing what I want to wear every day could be challenging sometimes because I want to make sure that I look good every time. I mean, you never know who you’re going to meet the moment you step out of your bedroom, thus you need to be ready all the time. Well, I need to be ready all the time, and I guess you should too.

To avoid having the same look or outfit over and over again, I tend to invest more in bags (which I posted here), outerwear, socks, shoes and pants! LOL I know you might think that it’s basically everything. I rarely invest in t-shirt or shirts, I own like multiple plain black tees that I can wear everyday and all I need to do to gain different look everyday is to simply wear a different jacket, a different bag, or a different pants.

Now, if I had to choose which one of the above that I need to invest in first, I would say pants. You can’t always wear outerwear in this type of weather. Not everyone also like to wear bags. Shoes are rather expensive if you want to own more than one (although if money is not a problem for you, I would suggest you own more than two sneakers: a white sneakers, a black shoes, a slip on, a hi-top and a dress shoes).

Okay, about pants, we all know that trek pants is a thing now, however I feel that it won’t be something that would last for a long time. If you want to invest in pants, these are the types that you need to buy, beside a skinny jeans:


If I could wear shorts here in Jakarta every day, I would. It’s the comfiest thing to wear in this tropical weather. You can wear any type of fabric, any type of colors, any type of pattern, but one thing for sure don’t wear shorts below your knee. That’s just ridiculuous unless you’re a 12 year old boy. For a more casual look you can wear it with long-sleeved shirt, and for a more sporty look you can wear it with tanks.


This one is the second-comfiest for me. Perfect for a lazy day at the office (well, if you work in a creative industry like me) and also for sleeping at the airplane (LOL). There’s also chino jogger pants that can be worn for a more casual outfit.


This type of pants is literally everlasting. Sometimes it reminds of the British style, sometimes it reminds me of the Japanese style. Wear low-top sneakers and colorful socks that would peep out of the end of your ankle pants. Choose a dark color like grey, black or navy blue. As for pattern, you can go for plaids or pinstripes. Add a bold outerwear to complete your look.



4. Straight Jeans

Skinny jeans have been the pants of the century since forever. But, it’s not for everyone. And it should never be the only kind of jeans you own. So, as an option, straight jeans is also a must have, especially now that back to 90s is such a big thing. Wear it with Converse shoes, tucked in tee, and you’re ready to go.


All the photos were taken at the newly renovated Lapangan Banteng by one of my Instagram friend, Faisal Sitompul. It was such an impromptu one, but loving all the results. Check out the behind the scene photos where I needed to change pants quickly because I was too lazy to walk to the public toilet.


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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