Monthly Playlist- JNRY! (And some updates…)

Waw, I can’t believe my own eyes that I’m finally drafting a post in this “has-been-neglected-for-weeks” platform. The publish button and some other features have even changed from turquoise to magenta now. Nice work, WordPress!

Quick updates, I’ve finally resigned from my full time job and decided to run my own thing, living the millennials dream. By dream, I meant hard work and a lot of crazy behind the scene hustle. There’s no living a dream without paying the price. A huge price. Anyway, about my new venture, I’m still waiting for the right momentum to introduce them to you. Yeap, it’s a “them”. Plural.

I had to say goodbye to this bunch…

Geng Playroom

Playroom is a room for the employee in my last office to recharge themselves when they got too tired with deadlines. But no one was ever there. While yours sincerely is the type of  person who needs to be alone when deadline is chasing. I often sneaked into the meeting room just to gain full concentration. The batman cave. Until I realized, “Hey, why don’t I work in the Playroom.”

The function of the recreative room then shifted to a common space used for people like us who simply can’t stay working from our own desk. Even when the location of play room was changed, and it was downgraded into a smaller size, we still chose to work in the Playroom.

Who would have thought that this lonesome guy could gain remarkable friendship within the past 1,5 years simply because he chose to work alone at the first place. This is not goodbye I know, but it’s just sad not to meet them again on a daily basis.

And then, there’s this bunch…

My (mostly) weekend companion for the past 7 years. I spent quite a lot of time with them last holiday. From all you can eat dinner, celebrating New Year Eve, Christmas Dinner, even managed to hold a photo shoot session in the midst of our busy schedules. The ears to my laughter and tears. The accountable opinion to my stubborn head. The safety landing to my free falling.

And of course, them. My prayer request, but at the same time my praise report. Couldn’t be more grateful for them and every little progress we’ve made so far.

LOL, sorry for the sentimental paragraphs. Here’s a playlist I made for you. If you want to hear more new tunes, you can also follow my new Spotify playlist!

Monthly Playlist JNRY.jpg

  1. MØ – Blur (feat. Foster The People)
  2. Imagine Dragons – Cool Out
  3. John Splithoff – Show Me (feat. Madison Ryann Ward)
  4. Cebu – Crazy (feat. Love Mansuy) Holow remix
  5. Hotel Garuda – Dancing On The Moon (feat. Lemaitre)
  6. FØNX – Don’t Feel Like Lovin’
  7. Zhao – Meltaway
  8. Chris Howland – I’ll Remember This (feat. Matthew Parker)
  9. Tim Atlas – Color World (feat. Hablot Brown)
  10. HONNE – Just Dance
  11. seasons – Yellow Bandana
  12. Steve Hartz – Changes

Enjoy! And, may you have a great 2019!


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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