Bangkok Trip Part 01: Shop And Eat In Repeat

Although the city shares quite a resemblance to Jakarta, I’d still consider Bangkok as a far better holiday destination than Jakarta. The timezone, the traffic, the heat makes it feel like you’re still in Jakarta, only everything feels cheaper. The foods are far more tasty, cooked with fresh ingredients and comes in a generous or gigantic portion. Don’t get me started with the shopping experience. Some people are willing to bring or buy an extra empty luggage just to accommodate all the goods they bought in Bangkok.

Last November I got a chance to spend 7 days in the city with some of my good friends celebrating our 7 year of friendship. Nah, we didn’t spend 7 days to match the 7 year, it’s simply because the plane tickets are cheaper. Most people would gasp when they heard that we were going to spend 7 days in Bangkok because normally 4 days would be max. But if you’ve never visited this city, I’d surely recommend you to stay longer than 4 days.

In this first part, I’m gonna share the places we visited the first 3 days. My friends and I are not really the “stick-to-itinerary” type. We didn’t even have one!

DAY 01
We arrived in Bangkok approximately at 10.30-ish, and headed to the hotel right away. Well, The Spades is actually a hostel but the room is very spacey and comfortable if you’re traveling in big groups. The only downside was they only have outside bathroom, unless you booked a private room.

After settling down our luggage, we went out to grab a lunch. I was already not feeling (and it was only the first day), because I haven’t eaten any solid food.

It’s a chicken rice outlet located near to the famous Platinum mall. What’s so special about this chicken rice? Well, people name it as Bangkok’s Michelin Chicken Rice, so you get the idea. There’s always long queue of people in front of the outlet, but don’t worry it moves quite fast. We stood there queueing for only about 5 to 10 minutes.

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It’s so easy to spot this particular chicken rice from afar. Just find the restaurant with a pink logo. There are other chicken rice outlets nearby and sometimes seems a bit crowded and promising, but they don’t use pink logo. It’s easier for you to differentiate. Check out the photos below to see the foods we order. I’m the best expert in food, but I can guarantee you it’s worth your time and baht! We even came back for more on our last day before our flight back to Jakarta.


I’m not gonna highlight the shopping experience at Platinum. It’s a very huge mall and I think you can find literally everything with a good price. My friends and I, we decided to split up and meet again after we finished. I spent about an hour wandering around and bought some stuff, before finally giving up.

What needs to be highlighted is the food bazaar in the outside area. Everything looks so appealing and gigantic. After checking out some stalls, I decided to buy a pork skewer (this one is a must, you can find it everywhere), and sweet & sour snails. SO GOOD! Tasty, chewy, and spicy.

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We spent the rest of day walking and exploring the malls nearby. Unlike Jakarta, walking in Bangkok, is so convenient. They provided skybridges for pedestrian with appealing lights and ornaments. It’s best to walk in Bangkok during traffic hour.


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DAY 02
We decided to sleep in and started the day late, because all of us were tired of the long walks we did yesterday. It was almost 11am when we gathered at the lobby and head out to explore more of the city.

This is the real definition a hangout place. It’s not a mall, it’s not a shopping centre, it’s a big building with plenty of food stalls, convenient al fresco seating, coffee shop, gelato parlour, library, and hobbies supply stores. We had lunch at the ground floor of the COMMONS, and spent the afternoon at top floor, which occupied by ROAST Coffee Shop. Check out below some photos and OOTD I took.

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I LOVE THIS PLACE. I didn’t know what to expect when I came here, all of my friends were so excited to try this gigantic (I’m not kidding, it’s literally huge) pork ribs so I just tagged along. What excited me the most is that this place is filled with probably thousands of vendors selling foods and goods. I remember walking through every alley only to realize that there is more and more and more alleys to explore. An hour was not enough for me as I went crazy over buying stuff like phone case, rings, bags, tees, hats, notebooks, watches, and any other things I found appealing.  I guess, this is by far the closest thing to heaven on earth for me, LOL. PS: We went back again to this place on our last night in Bangkok. It’s that worth it.

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DAY 03

Located very near to Platinum, in a quite busy alley of Petchaburi, this pork noodle is a famous must visit spot if you’re in Bangkok. Near the outlet there are many food trucks, selling plenty of fried chicken. You should really buy Bangkok’s fried chicken and crispy chicken skin. I bought them while my friends were queueing for the noodle. Such a tasty appetizer indeed! Anyway, the noodle is delicious although for me it comes in a rather small portion. We also came back to this place for another round of the wanton mee before leaving to Jakarta.

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset


Today marks my first time riding a tuktuk in Bangkok. Honestly, this control freak doesn’t really enjoy the crazy ride. It seems like all the drivers have this deep desire to be casted in Fast and Furious franchise. But, tuktuk is always a better option in Bangkok, especially if you travel in groups and want to avoid traffic.

After SabX2, we went back to platinum and shop more stuff. Head back to the hotel, and then headed to Terminal 21. It’s a mall in Bangkok designed like a big airport representing some famous big cities in the world. We had dinner at its food court, and surprisingly all the foods we ordered taste good and super cheap! The third night in Bangkok then closed with some snacks hunting at this famous giant supermarket, BIG C.

A piece of advice, I’d prefer do snack shopping at Siam Paragon’s supermarket, located at the basement. It’s more convenient. BIG C was pretty crowded, and it was already 10 PM when we got there. However, all the cashiers were full and we had to endure a long queue to pay for our stuff.



Look at all the snacks I bought and this is not every thing. Packing my luggage for flying back home became quite a challenge. By the way, you should also buy this yummy crab and pork sandwich at 7-Eleven. It’s my favorite breakfast everyday. Sadly, I didn’t take a good photo of em, but you can check it out on my Instagram’s higlight. 😉

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Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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